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Tour Guide Audio Systems | TourGuide Systems

Tour Guide or TourGuide Portable Wireless Audio Transmitting & Receiving Systems

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You can view details of all our TourGuide products in the Listen Technology Tour Guide Systems Catalogue.

Tour Guide Systems

Tour Guide brown banner.

Our Tour Guide Audi Systems wireless portable transmitters and receivers are the perfect tool for both small conferences and on-the-move delegates that require continual contact with their lecturer, tour guide or speaker. If the tour is in more than one language then TourGuide can be configured as shown below.

In this case our tour guide speaks only English and all her English speaking bridge-building admirers can listen directly to her whilst our other delegates/voyeurs listen via their simultaneous interpreter who is not only listening to her but speaking Italian. " ..and note the wonderful curves indeed!"

You can view details of our Tour Guide Audio Systems products including Tour Guide microphones and Tour Guide Headsets in our Listen Technology Tour Guide Systems online catalogue.

Tour Guide Cartoon. TourGuide Systems


Tour Guide Ear Shell.

Tour Guide Ear Shell.
Simple and inconspicuous they enable easy listening to the tour guide or a nearby colleague.

Hearing loops can also be supplied so that TourGuide Audio Systems can be used with hearing aides.


Tour Guide Systems Receiver.

TourGuide Receiver.
We can lock or preset the channels which can be easily read along with battery life on the easy to read screen on this Tourguide Systems receiver. 'AA' alkaline batteries are supplied to last the entire rental period and if required rechargeables can be supplied.

Tour Guide Audio Systems 'Madonna' Microphone.

Tour Guide Systems 'Madonna' Microphone.
This 'mic' either sits comfortably on the head as shown above or on your neck or shirt collar. All positions are very comfortable and guarantee clear transmission regardles of head movement.


TourGuide Audio Systems Transmitter.

TourGuide Audio Systems Transmitter.

Like the Tourguide Systems receiver the Tour Guide Systems transmitter has an easy to read display showing channel number and battery life. The channels can be easily changed to suit local conditions and locked to stop delegate 'fiddling'.

You can view details of all our Tour Guide Audio Systems products in the Listen Technology TourGuide Systems Catalogue.


TourGuide and the Canadian Prime Minister Jean Cretien.

TourGuide Audio Systems and the then Canadian Prime Minister Jean Cretien.TourGuide Systmes have been used for many meeting including CHOGM (Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting) at Coolum in Queensland and Perth, Western Australia, at the Pacific Islands Heads of Governments Meeting in Cairns to enhance the sound system for some of the Heads of State who required help with the different 'accents' being spoken.  At any one time most of the sixty or so Heads of Government were using the system and without help because it was so user friendly.  

The Chinese Premier and his team even booked TourGuide for their bilateral talks at the G20 Heads of Government meeting in Brisbane.

You can view details of all our TourGuide Systems products in the Listen Technology Tour Guide Systems Catalogue.

For TourGuide Audio Systems or Tour Guide Audio Systems enquiries please call, send an email to TourGuide at bramshaw.com.au or use our "Contact us" form.