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Televic Conferencing Systems

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When your meeting takes you abroad count on our Network to help you. Our contacts are located in more than 80 countries and over 104 offices around the globe.

To contact Bramshaw ICS in Australasia please click here     or     please click here to visit the Brahler web site connections page and we will show you how to get in touch with any of our network offices around the world!

For more than four decades Brahler has brought its tradition of excellence in meeting technology and customer service to clients across the world and for nearly twenty years BRAMSHAW has provided the same service across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Korea and right around the Pacific Rim. Whether it is a G8, G20, APEC, The White House in DC or at APEC meetings in Australia, a CHOGM Summit or a Board Meeting, our technicians can help make conference electronics an integral part of important meetings.

The BRAHLER ICS Network is synonymous with excellence. BRAHLER ICS is featured in the best seller 'Hidden Champions' as one of the most innovative privately held companies in the world.

BRAMSHAW specialises in supplying conference communications equipment with the ability to provide systems for any sized meeting or conference. Regardless of size our customers receive the same consideration and quality of service.

Brahler ICS Logo. Our worldwide member homepages and contacts:

BRAMSHAW ICS contacts page for Australia and New Zealand - please click here to view.

Ireland - please click here to go to their site.

Italy - please click here to go to their site.

South Africa - please click here to go to their site.

Spain - please click here to go to their site.

UK - please click here to go to their site.

USA - please click here to go to their site.

Brahler ICS homepage - please click here to visit.

World members - please click here to go to a detailed list.

BRAMSHAW products download pages:

TELEVIC - click here to see our beautiful range of confidea wireless microphones.

DOWNLOAD area for Brahler ICS manufactured equipment - please click here to DOWNLOAD.

BRAMSHAW® ICS conditions of sale:

Bramshaw ICS Rental Terms and Conditions - please click here to view.

Bramshaw ICS Sales Terms and Conditions - please click here to view.