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Everything you need for your conference and meeting communications

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30th IMF WORLD CONGRESS Sydney Australia

Published: 12-Jun-2014 Held at the Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre - Sydney Australia 

The Unions needed to be sure so they chose Bramshaw!
The sessions of the 30th IMF World Congress have concluded!

The International Metalworkers' Federation (IMF) chose Bramshaw ICS Conference Communic-ations to provide our DIGIMIC microphones for the on stage panel, chair and speeches and numerous break out meetings, and over 1,300 infra-red language receivers to translate over 10 languages from native tongues such as Russian, French, Spanish & Japanese to and from English for over 800 delegates in the plenary sessions and over 1,000 delegates at the opening which was held in the SCEC's Brahler equipped Tumbalong Auditorium.
The 30th World Congress approved the IMF's Action Programme 2002-2005 on Dealing with Global Challenges, giving the IMF an endorsement for its long-term strategy.

Since the previous action programme was adopted, in San Francisco in 1997, economic globalisation has spread rapidly, the labour market has been deregulated in many countries, and mergers between multinational companies have accelerated.  Although the new Action Programme has been built upon that of San Francisco, many adjustments were necessary for the period 2002-2005 in order to adjust to the new realities with which the trade unions have to work.

Two more resolutions, on Peace in the Middle East and on VW in Brazil, were also adopted by the Congress.

Amongst the most important decisions were:

*    Adoption of IMF Action Programme
*    Amendment of Rules
*    Statement on Terrorism
*    Re-election of President and General Secretary
*    Election of Executive Committee

The Action Programme 2002-2005 of the International Metalworkers' Federation was endorsed by the 800 Congress delegates.

Bramshaw was proud to once again facilitate such an important meeting with the co-operation of the:
Brähler ICS Worldwide Network,

Staging Connections Australia  &

The Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre.

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you showed me and I saw,
you involved me and I remembered."
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