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Everything you need for your conference and meeting communications

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BHP BILLITON, the Big Australian, uses DIGIVOTE

Published: 12-Jun-2014 DIGIVOTE used to sort and prioritise Management practices at BHP Billiton.

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2001 - The BHP Billiton Group (BHP Billiton) has announced a record combined attributable profit of US$2,189 million, excluding exceptional items, for the 12 months to 30 June 2001. When the newly merged companies, BHP and Billiton, became one company called BHP Billiton and now dual listed in Melbourne and Johannesburg, they needed to bring their most senior 150 managers from around the world to Melbourne to sort through and prioritise several hundred work practices so they could focus on achievable policies for the immediate future. BHP Billiton needed a tool to enable them to do this accurately and quickly.

Bramshaw iCS were very proud to provide our  DIGIVOTE audience response system for this purpose.

After preparation by teams from both BHP Billiton and Bramshaw® ICS it took less than a day using DIGIVOTE Acceptance Questions and a management matrix to sort through and come up with the answers as to what were the most achievable and important practices. Given that the first combined meetings of the BHP Billiton Limited and BHP Billiton Plc boards were held in Melbourne in August 2001 the progress of the merger, without outside help, is quite astounding.

Bramshaw® ICS Conference Communications is very proud that we have been able to help "the big Australian" in it's onwards march to continued excellence.

" told me and I forgot, you showed me and I saw, you involved me and I remembered."

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