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Published: 12-Jun-2014 9 Jan 2001 Helmut Brahler, boss and founder of Brahler ICS Konferenztechnik AG has died aged 67

Koenigswinter, Bonn, Germany. 9 Jan 2001

After a lifelong dedication to conferencing technology Helmut Brahler is dead. The boss and founder of Brahler ICS Konferenztechnik AG from Koenigswinter died on Monday 8 January 2001 at the age of 67 after a long and serious illness.

In 1958 in Bonn, Brahler laid the foundations for his business. At that time, as a chemistry student, he was repairing electronic equipment for the University of Bonn. In 1960 he built the first simultaneous translation facility for the University. In 1973 the fledgling firm moved to Koenigswinter - Vinxel and began its success story.

For many years, Brahler ICS has been the worldwide market leader in its field.The technology from the Seven Hills district (Siebengebirge) is used, according to the company, at almost all important events. Since 1972, Brahler has serviced every Olympic Games, numerous World Bank conferences, the Environment Summit in Rio and more than half of all World Economic Summits. Since the company was founded, Brahler ICS has equipped more than 90,000 conferences with their professional technology.

Helmut Brahler always rejected takeover offers. Instead, he built up the headquarters in Vinxel to a "worldwide switching room". In Koenigswinter however, only small amounts of equipment were produced. In Ireland, series production lines rolled, and the entire Asian market was served from Hong Kong.

n December 1962, Helmut Brahler met, and later married, Erika Hoogen in Bonn. Their young family grew quickly with the birth of three sons, Michael, Stefan and Uli.

In 1994, Brahler entered a new area of business and developed "Digivote", a voting and audience response system. During the following years, this was an important growth factor for the group.

In 1998 after the running of the business was officially handed over to his son, Michael, Helmut Brahler still remained, advising and supporting from the sidelines.

At the moment, 100 permanent employees and six commercial trainees work in Koenigswinter (and the company is represented in some 71 branches in 31 countries including Australia and New Zealand).

The funeral service took place on Saturday 13 January at the parish church of St. Margareta in Koenigswinter-Stieldorf.

[from the Bonn "General-Anzeiger" on-line edition, Tuesday 9th January 2001 with some editing by Simon Kemp ]

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