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Everything you need for your conference and meeting communications

Everything you need for your conference and meeting communications

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DIGIMIC CDS-200® DC/10 new model now in our Rental Stock!

Published: 12-Jun-2014

Our DIGIMIC DC/10 - a new clean cut model with improved goodies.



As part of the DIGIMIC CDS-200 product family, the DC10 is a delegate unit with microphone function. Depending on which of the several operating modes selected by the user, the microphone button switches on or off, queues the delegate on screen and more. The on/off status is also indicated by the illuminated button. A blinking key means a request for speaking. All requests are handled by the CDS-200 software. The delegate unit is, of course, equipped with a loudspeaker. The operating mode is managed by the central unit or the CDS-200 tried and true software.

Technical Data

Complies with international standard IEC914 • Micro-phone key (illuminated) on/off/request for the floor • Integrated loud-speaker for decentralised sound • Connector socket Minicon for mi-cro-phones TM58/6 (pluggable) • Operating voltage: 24/48 VDC • Support of dynamic allocation of consol number (with DPS202) • Connecting cable: permanently attached, length 2.5m, plug standard S8G-CF, S8G-CF socket for daisy chain connecting of further delegate units • Dimensions: width 101mm, height 21/60mm, depth 161mm • Weight including cable: about 700g • Polycarbonate housing • Colour: silver/black


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