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Everything you need for your conference and meeting communications

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DIGIVOTE - tips for question writing

Published: 12-Jun-2014 Eight tips for writing DIGIVOTE keypad questions :-)
1. Keep it simple. Avoid questions with multiple correct answers (such as "A and B, but not C") and questions that contain double negatives. Limiting the responses to two or three relevant answers will help ensure clean, easy-to-read results.

2. Take off the kid gloves. Questions with legitimate and controversial response choices will engage your audience more effectively than questions with obvious answers. And if audience members perceive your questions to be superficial or unimportant, you risk offending them, losing their attention and giving them license to play games with their responses rather than having them tell you what they really think.

3. Focus on gray areas. Some of your best questions won't have a right or wrong answer; instead, they'll illustrate the diversity of opinions on the topic you're about to cover.

4. Don't overdo it. Thoroughly discussing a handful of key questions is better than glossing over a lot of questions. If you are new to interactive-keypad systems, start with just a few questions.

5. Acknowledge the results. It's better not to ask a question at all than to risk offending your audience by not paying attention to their responses.

6. Be prepared. Good planning for an interactive-keypad presentation should include anticipating the possible answers you might get to each of your questions. Think about what you'll do to keep the interactivity game in play should your audience throw you a curve ball.

7. Find out about your audience: Are you: 1 Male? 2 Female? 3 Not sure?

8. Later ask a question and then ask how did the battle of the Sexes vote - we can show you instantly what the break up is for 7. above for any subsequent question.

9. To see an example of DIGIVOTE working please click here.

These tips were compiled by Dr. Hilliard Jason, co-director of the Center for Instructional Support at the University of Colorado, and published in "Enhancing your presentations with ... an Audience Polling System," a white paper by Option Technologies Inc.

" told me and I forgot, you showed me and I saw, you involved me and I remembered."

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Brahler DIGIVOTE - tips for question writing 

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