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Everything you need for your conference and meeting communications

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INFRACOM-Ear - a 'GREEN' earphone? Brahler to the rescue for PM Rudd and the UN!

Published: 12-Jun-2014

Who do you call when your language is HOT and your earphones NOT? Brahler, that's who!

PM Rudd at UN with Brahler Infracom-Ear 
 2008 - Australian PM Rudd at the UN with BrahlerGreen-Ear
Infracom®-Ear in use at The United Nations New York

What does a huge international organisation (HINT as seen on The Interpreter starring Nicole Kidman & Sean Penn) do when their language ear-phones use mercury to switch them on and off? Call Brahler and ask for an all new ear shell without mercury to switch it.

PROBLEM: When you have huge assembly halls with many different languages being spoken and simultaneously interpreted you need an ear shell that can be picked up and simultaneously switches itself on. Likewise when the ear shell is removed and put down on the table it needs to turn itself off automatically.

Infracom®-Ear front view Why? Just imagine a thousand or more ear shells lying on desk tops all spurting out different languages.
The resultant noise would bring down the tower of Babel! ANSWER: Brahler to the rescue. They simply designed a new headphone that does not use Mercury. Simply put a GREEN EAR-SHELL now worn by thousands of (greener) delegates.

The incredibly light INFRACOM-ear (EPD35) (less than 50 grams) allows a delegate to wear it all day without becoming uncomfortable. These innovations, in combination with the extremely secure cable bend protection and strain relief, make the INFRACOM-Ear a robust and essential piece of equipment for today's demanding multilingual conferences.

Infracom®-Ear showing packed up rear view
Description & Technical Data
The EPD35 is a comfortable, easy to handle ear- phone with automatic signal switch-off to avoid feedbacks. The connection cable is optimally protected by the strain relief and the bend protection. The EPD35 is light - leave it on all day! Corresponds to international standard IEC914. Transducer principle: dynamic. Frequency response: 500Hz to 5.000Hz. Impedance: 400 ohms Max. power consumption: 0.5W Distortion factor: <1% Cable length: 1.5m Connector: jack plug 3.5mm, standard K2 3 Colours: grey, grey or grey! Sorry, an iPod it's Not!

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