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Everything you need for your conference and meeting communications

Everything you need for your conference and meeting communications

Rent or purchase state of the art conference communications systems with exceptional support from Bramshaw ICS - Making meetings meet since 1994.

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b New mics for G20 Finance Ministers Meeting Canberra

Published: 12-Jun-2014 Another G20 meeting using our new digital CONFIDEA microphones with built in Voting and Simultaneous Interpretation and parallel Pan Tilt Zoom Camera System.

Bramshaw was hired by Treasury to provide our comprehensive push button microphone and camera system in the Great Hall at Parliament House, Canberra.

G20 Canberra Great Hall Aerial Parliament House Canberra Great Hall aerial view - note chair control screens, 55 inch monitors for active speaker and paper display and PTZ cameras.

 With just a little nostalgia as this was the same table we used in 2006 at the last G20 meeting in Australia.  Government saving money!  Great to see!

 We used our new digital Confidea microphones with built in 5 button voting, language channel control, built in headphone contol and microphone queing control of course.

 Chairman in action

Chairman in action on Confidea microphones.

 Two days of meetings without a hickup and a very happy customer.  Could we ask for more?


CONFIDEA microphone


CONFIDEA mic showing from left earphone volume, language channel selection,

part of voting keys and microphone speak/que button.

 G20 Table view

  Table view with lunch time frivolities on Canberra.  Where else but Australia?

Note microphones, PC power outlets and USB sockets, PTZ Cameras and monitors.

 Microphone Instructions

The usual instructions for all delegates for a well run meeting.

" told me and I forgot, you showed me and I saw, you involved me and I remembered."

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