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Everything you need for your conference and meeting communications

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TELEVIC CONFERENCE System has lifted the veil on uniCOS

Published: 12-Jun-2014 uniCOS is the new Televic Conference System flagship product that sits at the top of Televic Conference System’s offering and represents the next step in (video) conferencing.

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March 18th, 2013 - Televic today lifted the veil on uniCOS, the mystery product it demonstrated at ISE2013 to its VIP partners. uniCOS is the new flagship system that sits at the top of the Televic Conference offerings and represents the next step in conferencing.

uniCOS is an interactive touch screen conference system that offers delegates low-delay, extremely low latency video in HD quality, an interactive touch screen with a tablet-like user experience and advanced functionality such as document viewing, enhanced voting, messaging and web access.

The new high speed conference bus transports the audio, HD video and data over a single CAT6 cable that interconnects the delegate units in daisy-chain. The cabling required for bringing interactivity and High Definition video to each delegate in the conference room is now hugely simplified. The cost savings are significant as video splitters and distribution amplifiers are no longer required.

The Televic Conference System uniCOS delegate unit is a flush mount panel with a high-end finishing. On a brushed aluminum baseplate it combines a 7” touch screen, speaker, RFID card reader and microphone. The capacitive screen offers a tablet-like touch experience supported by an intuitive user interface. Every single detail of the unit has been carefully designed to offer a high-end look and feel, including a matching newly designed microphone.

The new central unit is a 19” rack mount device that has been completely re-styled and sets the trend for Televic’s new range of central equipment. It has a quick-access dial button for basic control and offers all required advanced control through the CoCon conference control software.

Televic Conference System uniCOS was demonstrated at InfoComm Beijing in April 2013 and will be demonstrated at Infocomm Orlando in June. First shipments are expected in Q4 2013.

STOP PRESS: April 2013 There has just been the first and very large sale of the uniCOS product - more details later.

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