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Everything you need for your conference and meeting communications

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Wireless DIGIMIC - beyond Digital ...

Published: 12-Jun-2014

DIGIMIC wireless - released at AIME Melbourne 2009 and again  at the Integrated Systems Europe Exhibition in Amsterdam at the RAI Centre from February 2 to 4, 2010.

DIGIMIC – beyond digital - from  Wireless DIGIMIC - beyond Digital ... from Brahler



 DIGIMIC  side profile without microphone stem.

Bramshaw ICS  would like to invite you to the Brähler ICS Konferenztechnik AG stand in hall 3, booth 3D118 at the Integrated Systems Europe Exhibition in Amsterdam at the RAI Centre from February 2 to 4, 2010.

Following rave reviews in Amsterdam, Melbourne Australia, Orlando United States and Frankfurt, Brähler will introduce the new DIGIMIC conference (microphone) system to the general public. 

DIGIMIC has become a benchmark in its class. It has set standards with regard to reliability, simplicity and value.

Digimic wired and unwired

Pictured above Left - DIGIMIC wired - no cable shown - and right above - DIGIMIC wireless! attached to its battery showing transmit and receive antennas.

Below - DIGIMIC-air cableless with stem microphone attached.


Again, Brähler has changed the conference industry with the new fully digital DIGIMIC.

Both conceptually and technically the new system constitutes an innovation landmark.

Some points to consider:

• 100% stand alone

• ready to use right from the box - full self configuration

• systems size up to 2,000 with one DCen (that's our name for the controller)

• high quality digital audio - SR: 48kHz - Res.: 24Bit - FR: 20-20.000 Hz

• standard digital and analogue in-and outputs

• fastest digital conference system in the world - Latency time: approx. 1ms (Micto DCen to LS)

• completely remote controllable via LAN network or RS232

• automatic configuration of units

• 256 Bit security encryption prevents interception and changes with every start up

• multi room solution (five parallel rooms and more) from one DCen controller

• system size 8,000 wireless units

• WiFi co-existant

How do we use wiFi?

• We use APRON - Intelligent Adaptive Proprietary Narrow Band Protocol

• automatic adaption to conference site environment so choosing unused or low traffic frequencies

• automatic dynamic WiFi 'survival’

• automatic search for and use of best transmission channels & hopping in case of WiFi change

Worried about batteries?

• operation time approx 20 hours

• Castro Proof! - continuous speaking time approx 10 hours

• removable battery pack (during operation)

• stand-by mode mode for saving energy during breaks

• and more!

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