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Shinzo Abe using our conference translation system

Simultaneous conference translating explained

Brahler Infracom and Televic Aladdin are simultaneous translation transmission systems. They take a speaker's voice, and, via distortion free digital infra-red light, transmit the speech to the delegates in their mother tongue (in up to 32 languages at a time).

Eavesdropping? Not with infra-red. It uses Aladdin's digital infra-red light for sound transmission - not radio waves.

Our Televic Aladdin digital receivers can also be used in broad daylight or under floodlights with no change in sound quality.


DIGIMIC and INFRACOM - Dept of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Melbourne

"... Thank you very much for providing such exceptional service, and with such little notice. We were all very pleased with the luncheon, and have received much positive feedback.

Emma C., Senior Protocol Officer, Protocol Branch,
Department of Premier and Cabinet, Western Australia."

"... The department was very pleased with the conference and its outcomes. Bramshaw's professional and efficient service helped to make the conference the success that it was.

Paul B., Assistant Secretary, North East Asia Branch,
Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade "

"...We write to thank you for the excellent role you played in the successful delivery of the above Meeting. The G-20 Ministerial Meeting was an extremely complex, high profile event requiring precise and perfect integration of all logistical details.

As the Professional Conference Organiser for this Meeting responsible for all logistical delivery it was extremely important to have included the services of such a professional and dedicated company.

Your role of provision of the complex interpreting equipment requirements including 15 language booths positioned remotely with both audio and visual feeds to the main meeting room was conducted seamlessly.

We much appreciated the benefit of your expert advice during the planning stages, your organisational ability to achieve all requirements and to adjust to changing requirements during site set up and your on time and excellent delivery throughout the event.

Please accept our thanks and congratulations on the excellent services provided and we look forward to working with you again in future years."

Yours sincerely, Lorraine D., Executive Manager, Arinex Pty. Limited

Get a quote for rental of Infracom conference translation products and services

Rental Quote Form

To obtain a quotation for Infracom translation systems for conferences equipment rental or hire or services, go to the Infracom Translation Quote inquiry form page.

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For Televic Aladdin infra-red digital language translation equipment enquiries please call, sent an email to info at or use our "Contact us" form.

Translation devices for conferences

Conference Translators - How we listen to many languages in our own tongue.

Brahler Infracom Simultaneous translators equipment for sale or rental

BRAHLER Infracom IRX Language Receiver.

TELEVIC Aladdin Infra-red Digital Language Receiver for simultaneous translating

TELEVIC Aladdin Infra-red Digital Language Receiver.

How we transmit the interpreted languages to your headphone. You can even see the language names on the screen!

The Televic Aladdin family. IR Radiator, IR receivers, IR transmitter and headphones.

The Televic Aladdin family.
IR Radiator, IR receivers, IR transmitter and headphones.