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Everything you need for your conference and meeting communications

Everything you need for your conference and meeting communications

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Confidea CV G3 - Wireless chairman voting unit

Quad-Band Wireless Conference System - 3rd Generation

Confidea CV G3 conference unit
Confidea CV G3 - Voting buttons and volume control
Confidea CV G3 - Voting control buttons + OLED display
Confidea CV G3 - Priority and next-in-line buttons

For discussion and voting applications

The Confidea wireless unit combines a slim, contemporary design, excellent intelligibility and ease of use with a robust and reliable wireless connection which sets it apart from traditional wireless systems.

The units are equipped with a microphone On/Off or request-to-speak button, two headphone outputs with a single volume control, three voting buttons with a voting result information display and an additional OLED display with corresponding buttons for voting session control.

To guide the meeting in an easy way, the chairman has the ability to use its priority, next-in-line system volume adjustment and voting session control buttons.

Voting without a central control unit

In a stand-alone configuration of an access point (Confidea WCAP G3) and several delegate units (Confidea DV G3), basic voting sessions can be performed without the need of a central control unit. The voting session is controlled via the chairman voting control buttons and the results of the session are displayed on the OLED information display of each unit within the system.

Battery and microphone

Confidea units combine a smart power management with an easy to replace removeable Lithium-ion battery pack. (Confidea BP, to be ordered separately)

A screw lock connector is provided to connect a removable microphone which is immune against GSM disturbances. (Confidea MICxxSL, lenght 30, 40 or 50cm, to be ordered separately).

Keep meetings confidential

To prevent eavesdropping and unauthorized access, the Confidea© wireless system and the discussion units have a digital encryption mechanism to keep information of the meeting confidential.

Confidea CV Unit - Confidea CV G3 - Wireless chairman voting unit
Order reference:  
71.98.0016 Confidea CV


  • Three voting buttons
  • OLED voting result display
  • Voting session control buttons
  • OLED display for voting session control
  • Priority and next-in-line button
  • Built-in high quality loudspeaker which is automatically muted when the microphone is active, to prevent acoustic feedback.
  • Microphone On/Off or request-to-speak button with two signalling LEDs
  • Two headphone outputs
  • One headphone volume adjustment


  • Red battery status LED
    4 h remaining : 1 Hz blinking
    2h remaining : 2 Hz blinking
    1h remaining : 4 Hz blinking
  • Blue link status LED
    Off : connection established
    Blinking : low link quality
  • Blue link status LED + Microphone LED
    Blinking : out of range, shutdown after 2 min.


  • Two 3.5 mm jack plugs for headphones
  • Battery pack connection
  • Screw lock socket to connect removable microphone