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Everything you need for your conference and meeting communications

Everything you need for your conference and meeting communications

Rent or purchase state of the art conference communications systems with exceptional support from Bramshaw ICS - Making meetings meet since 1994.

We can supply our products & services to help you comply with the COVID Pandemic social distancing requirements including simultaneous interpretation over ZOOM and TEAMS. Please contact us to discuss your needs in these difficult times.

Removable wireless microphones: Confidea D-MIC 30SL, 40SL, 50SL

Quad-Band Wireless Conference System - 3rd Generation

D-MIC Wireless Mics - The light ring lights up red when active
D-MIC Wireless Microphones - The light ring lights up green when in request
Removable mics - Easily removable with the screwlock connector
Removable Microphones - Confida D-MIC light ring

A removeable gooseneck microphone that is equipped with a screwlock connector for easy and secure connection to a Confidea unit.

This wirelesss removable mics uni-directional response results in these wireless microphones providing optimal performance even in environments with a lot of ambient noise.

The D-MIC SL wireless mic models have an extremely low susceptibility to interference from mobile phones.

The light ring is dark (opaque) when the wireless microphones are switched off, lights up red when active and green when in request.

D-MIC SL removable wireless mics are available in lengths 30, 40 and 50 cm.

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Confidea Wireless Microphones or Mics

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