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We can supply our products & services to help you comply with the COVID Pandemic social distancing requirements including simultaneous interpretation over ZOOM and TEAMS.
  Please contact us to discuss your needs in these difficult times.
We can supply our products & services to help you comply with the COVID Pandemic social distancing requirements including simultaneous interpretation over ZOOM and TEAMS.
  Please contact us to discuss your needs in these difficult times.
Wireless Microphone System for Conference Rooms

Confidea Quad-Band 3rd Generation Wireless Mics

Confidea® wireless conference room microphone system - now the 3rd generation - features a powerful combination of technologies, developed by Televic engineers with years of experience in the development of highly reliable wireless conference systems.

This 3rd Generation Confidea wireless conference room mic. system has been developed from the ground-up, building on the experience of the previous generations and making use of state-of-the-art Quad-Band wireless technologies, fault-tolerant error correcting protocols and advanced encryption algorithms.

With systems operational in over 60 countries, Confidea is the most robust and secure wireless conference room microphone system available on the market today. (See more detailed information below)

Confidea Quad-Band 3rd Generation Wireless Mics

No matter whether it's a small G20 Government meeting at Uluru in Central Australia or a huge multilingual meeting in Brisbane, where tables need to be constantly moved without time to move cables, our wireless table microphones are super quick and easy to bump in, switch on and manage as a 'set and forget' or control from any browser located anywhere on a PC, tablet or mobile phone of any make.

Confidea wireless connference microphones at Uluru Central Australia for G20
Confidea Wireless in the Brisbane Convention Centre, Queensland
one transponder for all those tables and five languages!

More Information

What's new in this 3rd generation?

In this short video, we'll take you through all new features and improvements that this new generation of wireless conference mic system has to offer.

Perfectly co-exists with your wireless LAN

Wireless networks and devices are omni-present in todays meeting rooms. Smartphones, tablets and laptops are essential tools that people want to continue to use during meetings ... and so is access to the network.

Confidea's Quad-Band wireless conference microphone solution offers many possible channels in the 2.4 GHz and 5GHz band. The wireless conference system will hence not deprive people from their access to the wireless network, so that they can continue to access the data that they need during the meeting.

Confidea Generation 3 offers the perfect solution that reassures your IT people and that offers the convenience of a reliable wireless conference system in your meeting room.

Controlling the system is like surfing the Web.

The Confidea Wireless Conference Access Point (WCAP+), the heart of the system, has built-in web control that can be accessed from any PC, MAC, laptop, table or smartphone using a standard (mobile) internet browser. Via the built-in web pages you are in full control of the system.

For basic discussion systems, this eliminates the need for specialised, dedicated software and software training.

Encryption guarantees confidentiality

Encryption guarantees confidentialityThe built-in AES encryption, combined with the proprietary communication protocol and access control, offers 3 layers of security and confidentiality at a level not seen in any product of this class.

Minimise your investment

Basic systems should require basic investment. This is why Confidea -in its simplest form- requires a minimum of hardware and software. For a basic discussion system with or without voting, the Confidea Wireless Conference Access Point+ (WCAP+) acts as a mini central unit, controllable from an internet browser and including balanced audio in- and outputs.

The units with voting come standard with a built-in RFID card reader offering an out-of-the-box solution for authentication and identification.

Minimise your investment

With Confidea working outside the Wi-Fi band and having plenty of channels available, running multiple systems in one building is a piece of cake. Unlike some other Wi-Fi-based systems that are limited to a maximum of three systems in the building, in the ideal situation for Confidea there is no local wireless LAN at all!

Confidea wireless microphones Charging Case

When you hire or purchase our Confidea wireless microphones they come with this unique charger case. You can check it out in the video.

8 things to check before going wireless

Before renting or buying a wireless microphone conference system from Bramshaw here are several critical elements you should pay attention to:
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Confidea WCAP G3

Wireless Conference Access Point

Confidea D-MIC

Removable microphone

Confidea DD/CD G3

Wireless discussion unit

Confidea DV G3

Wireless delegate voting unit

Confidea CV G3

Wireless chairman voting unit

Confidea CHC

Transport case

How to mount and where to place the Confidea G3 wireless access point (WCAP) or Transponder

In the video you will see how to assemble and synchronise the WCAP. This is for a system with initialisation set to “open access”. Please refer to the initialisation video to set the system to open access.

Syncing/registering conference mics to Televic Confidea G3 wireless access point.

How to synchronise/register Televic Confidea G3 wireless conference microphones to the wireless access point (WCAP)/transponder. This video shows the initialisation process in both 'open access' and 'manual initialisation' modes. The initialisation screen in the WCAP can be accessed using a networked computer and a web browser such as Safari, Firefox, Chrome or Brave.

Video conferencing with Confidea Wireless

This video demonstrates how easy it is to use the Confidea Wireless Conference System in combination with video conferencing systems.

Teleconferencing with Confidea Wireless

In this video Eric Bateman at PCM Marketing demonstrates how the Confidea Wireless Conference System can be used for a simple audio conference.

Confidea CHC Transport Case

This video demonstrates how easy it is to use the Confidea Wireless Conference System in combination with video conferencing systems.

University of Malta

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Boardroom Banktinter Spain

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FAO Headquarters - Rome

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Wireless Conference System Confidea at BPS College Sonepat

Unseen flexibility, quad band and fast setup  ...

Confidea Wireless at Thai Parliament

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Hybrid install at Bayt Mal Al Quods

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Tokyo University

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Marina Militare - Rome

Confidea wireless at the Navy department of the Ministery of Defense in Rome ...

Doncaster Council

Televic at the centerpiece of the new Civic Office in Doncaster ...

RIA News International Press Center, Moscow

The head office of RIA News selected Confidea...

Kyoshin Communications Co., Ltd

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Shih-Hsin University

Confidea Wireless has been chosen for a meeting room of Shih-Hsin University in Taipei ...

United Nations Moscow

UN again chooses Televic. Now in Russia. Another high profile Televic installation was completed by our ...

University of Wales

University of Wales Trinity Saint David, Campus of Lampeter, selected Televic to equip the main

Phoenix Community House of London - UK

In 2011 - the Phoenix Community House of London has decided ...

Wireless Confidea at Agros, Portugal

In the second half of 2010, Televic wAgros selected Confidea to be able to quickly deploy a conference system ...as appointed as preferred supplier for …

Council Bergen Op Zoom

MK2 Audiovisueel selected the Televic Confidea system and T-ReX for this local council ...

National Geology Institute Warsaw

Televic and Studiotech Poland installed the first wireless conference ...

KPMG Amstelveen

KPMG selected the Confidea wireless discussion system for multiple reasons: security, reliability ...

Deutsche Bank Headquarters - Frankfurt

In the second half of 2010, Televic was appointed as preferred supplier for …

Presidency Offices, Cairo

Televic proudly announces the installation of a CONFIDEA wireless system at the presidency ...

European Court of Justice

The European Court of Justice in Luxemburg recently moved into the ...

Chartered Accountants Ireland

The Chartered Accountants Ireland chose Televic to equip the boardroom  …

Landtag Baden-Württemberg

In July 2010, Mevis Tv installed 48 Confidea Wireless discussion ...

Irish Medicine Board Dublin

The local board room of the Irish Medicine Board was equipped in 2009 …

University of Karlsruhe

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Prince Mohammed Bin Fahd University

The Dean's boardroom of the Prince Mohammed Bin Fahd University in …

State Planning Commision - Syria

Confidea Wireless was installed at the State Planning Commission...

Ziraat Bank - Ankara

After a successful demonstration of the Confidea Wireless System at the Ziraat Bank HQ…

European Commission HQ - Berlaymont Brussels

European Commission chooses Televic to equip HQ

Unesco Paris

Unesco has chosen for the flexibility and evolutivity of the TCS5500 system. Unesco has many meeting...

Community Council Heusden Zolder

In 2008 the city Council of Zoersel was looking for an advanced conference system that could go beyond the limits of a typical conference system. ...

Manual: Confidea Wireless Microphone System - 3rd Generation (Version 4)

Simply click on the link below for the Confidea G3 Manual.

Software updates

Warning: This software is only compatible with and intended for Confidea Generation 3 WCAP+ and delegate/chairman units!If you want to make sure of latest Firmware version please contact us or just call on 03 8387 1800.

Wireless audio conferencing made easy

Read all about the unique features of Confidea® in an easy-to-read question and answer format.The article appeared in April 2010 in the "Inside Audio Guide" of AV-Magazine.

Download your copy of this article here:

Confidea Wireless Conference System reviewed

Frank Uyttendaele, CEO of rental company and solution provider DUVALL reviewed confidea wireless. The article appeared in the september 2010 issue of InAVate magazine.
Read the review of this seasoned Confidea user: read review

Assembly Instructions: Confidea Wireless Access Point (WCAP) & Microphones

Below you will find the instructions to set up or assemble your Confidea Wireless Access Point (WCAP) & microphones. You can see for yourself just how simple it is!
Step 8: Signed on and active Major Tom! Note the illuminated LEDs on each side of the mic button and on the head of the mic stem to say I'm active Dave. This mic will be mic # 1 and the next mic #2, etc.
Step 1: Open the freight case and remove components
Components from the left: Power supply, WCAP, Mic (microphone) stem, Mic base and battery.
Step 2: Plug in the power supply to ground control / transponder (we call it the WCAP - wireless control access point) and switch it on. Note the Cat 5 ethernet socket next to the green LED (see Step 11 below).
Step 3: Wait for the green light on top and place the transponder where it has an uninterrupted line of sight with all of the microphones (Up as high as possible. It helps!)
Step 4: Pick up a mic base and screw in the microphone stem
Step 5: Pick up a battery and press the test button to check its charge (this one is about 80% full so needs one more green LED for full)
Step 6: Slip the battery into place (Listen for the click)
Step 7: Press the microphone button and release so that it can talk to the mother ship - our WCAP - and sign on
Step 8: Signed on and active Major Tom! Note the illuminated LEDs on each side of the mic button and on the head of the mic stem to say I'm active Dave. This mic will be mic # 1 and the next mic #2, etc.
Step 9: Mics 1, 2 and 3 working and ready for service!
Step 10: The system comes to you already configured by us to work "out of the (freight) box". We ask you how you want it set up and adjust for you accordingly. If not we send with default settings. The speaker volume on each mic base can be adjusted from the Chairman's mic - the one closest to us in the pic.
Step 11: Need to access more controls? Hook in a Cat 5 cable into the ethernet socket (as shown in Step 2 above) and the other to your network or PC/MAC. Open your browser on a pc, tablet or mobile phone, WinOS or MacOS, and select the IP address of the WCAP and you have full control to monitor, adjust volumes, switch mics and a whole lot more all while the system is running. That's it!