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Audience Response System Rental Australia. DIGIVOTE - InteractiveARS Rental & Sales

Bramshaw are Digivote ARS rental & hire specialists. We also offer Audience Voting Response Systems for sale. Contact us to discuss the best option for audience response hardware or audience voting equipment for live audience polling tools & devices to suit your requirements. We have worked with many government agencies, businesses, schools, universities & international conferences to successfully implement ARS Systems in Australia & New Zealand for live audience polling.

Digivote Interact ARS Voting System KeyPad in use at an AGM
  • Digivote Interact involves and empowers people - there is no intimidating show of hands.
  • Digivote Interact means effective audience participation with live audience voting.
  • Digivote Interact gives lecturer feedback.
  • Digivote Interact gives you powerful stats at conference end so you know what your delegates think, do and believe in - all on three easy to read reports (always included in our quotations), including a very detailed spreadsheet for easy future research.
  • Digivote Interact can tell you who went to each and every seminar.
  • Digivote Interact can be used for speed voting - the longer taken to vote the lower the score.
  • Digivote Interact can be used for exact answers - "What year was Federation?" Answer: "1901" - correct.
  • Digivote Interact uses Windows®-based controls to easily handle those last minute changes and also merges with PowerPoint® for professional presentations.
  • Digivote Interact lets a conference or meeting achieve what it is meant to do - involve everyone, both the speakers and delegates, and let them all learn!
  • Digivote Interact communicates by radio (RF) transmission so no need for long audience reponse hardware set ups, no need for messy cabling or worrying about sunlight distorting signals - just plug in our transponder, boot up and your conference is running!
  • Digivote Interact cross examines every audience voting unit at least two times to ensure a perfect vote every time.

... and don't forget, with all this technology you also get our Digivote Interact specialists to guide you every step of the way. The more effort we both put in the more you get out!

One more thing...

We all read a lot about the ease of which an audience response voting system, live audience polling device or ARS voting system works. Well that is true and then again it really depends on what our customers want - absolute simplicity or in depth design to draw our delegates out of their shells.

Whether PowerPoint or the Digivote Interact software is used to design your show it is always our customer's call. However we do know, as does any service provider, that it is not always the customer who wants to run the show! We always ask what the customer wants. We listen. We suggest. We help! And at the last moment when that visiting speaker wants it all changed we can do it in time!

Whether the customer wants to do the work or wants Bramshaw to do the work - it's their call!

Windows®, PowerPoint® and Excel® are registered trademarks of Microsoft® Corporation.

Sales & Rental Prices & Quotes

To obtain a quotation for our audience response systems equipment sales &/or rental, please go to our Audience Response Systems Quote enquiry form.

What do our customers say about Digivote?

24 September 2012
"Thank you for being wonderful on the weekend and remaining in good humour."
Tanya - University of NSW

12 September 2012
"Thanks so much to you and Simon for all your help with our event (and Peter in Brisbane). It always runs so well and it is very nice to have the continuity of service - makes life so much easier when everyone knows what they are doing."
Meredith D - Sydney based PCO Principal

14 May 2010
"We received a lot of great feedback from the attendees. It really added some great audience interaction to our conference. Peter was fantastic - always very helpful and friendly."
Monique S - Australia and International Group.

5 April 2015
"What ever we did to stop you, no matter how many changes we made, in both Perth and Melbourne, you came up shining. Magnificent! Thank you"
Shelley Z - Crown Casino

14 April 2015
"Thanks to you all ... and Peter on the day. Everything went of beautifully. It is so great to be able to work with you guys ... especially as you know my customer's needs so well."
Meredith - Sydney based PCO Principal

August 2018
" ... and a big thank you for being so patient with us and leading us through all the different ways of getting and then trapping the information from our delegates."
Australian Government Department, Canberra and Melbourne meetings.

More info re audience response system rental, hire or sales?

We can sell, rent or hire audience voting response system equipment from Digivote. And, we have the specialists in place to make it work.

TFor Digivote Interact interactive Audience Response System hire or rental or Audience Response System prices or sales enquiries please call us, send an email to digivote at bramshaw.com.au or use our Contact or Audience Response Systems Quote form. We are a specialist audience response company and can provide the equipment &/or services to "make it happen"!

Digivote Interact Audience Voting Keypads

Digivote Interact

" ...you        told me and I forgot, you showed me and I saw, you involved me and I remembered"

" ...you told me and I forgot, you showed me and I saw, you involved me and I remembered"
Click on the image of the Digivote Interact conference voting pad to have a virtual vote!

Digivote Interact Conference Voting Audience Response Key Pads