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Silent PA. Silent Conference System Equipment Australia

Private public address systems equipment for exhibitions and conferences when personal, direct, discreet and quiet communication is required.

Silent PA at a trade exhibition: Can you see our IR radiators?

When multi-theatre exhibitions are used delegates can move from area to area and simply change their IR (infra-red) or RF (radio-frequency) receiver channels to suit the area they are in. It’s very simple and we have unique 3cm large back-lit displays on our receivers that allow easy selection of channel, stand or room numbers that even visually impaired delegates can use with ease.

Silent PA at a trade exhibition: Can you see our IR radiators?
RF radio frequency Silent PA delegate unit.
Personal Hearing Aide induction loop:
There is also no need for hearing disability Induction loop drivers to be installed in the area as hearing impaired delegates can simply swap their earphones for a personal neck worn induction loop provided by us.This personal induction loop is for use with hearing aides -remove our earphone and plug in this induction loop in its place. Delegates will know how to activate their own hearing system to make use of the 'loop'.
Double over the head head-phone:
Usually best used where there is a noisy environment.
Single ear-phone:
No foam - slips over the ear lobe - not in the ear. Hygienic. Discreet - most people don't even know you are wearing one. Also makes it easier to hear the 'feeling' of the room and not to shout at delegates next to you when speaking to them.

What is required for silent PA?

IR or RF Silent PA speech receivers?

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Silent PA for one of many lecture theatres within a single customer trade exhibition:

You can view details of our ListenTalk Systems products including ListenTalk transceivers, headsets, charging options and accessories in our ListenTALK online catalogue.

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More information?

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