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Everything you need for your conference and meeting communications

Everything you need for your conference and meeting communications

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SMS Based Voting & Polling System (Hudle® uVoteTM)

SMS-based Audience Response System

Hudle uVote Live Audience Polling System - u Vote SMS Audience Response Systems Technology

Hudle® U Vote SMS Audience Response Polling System

From Finland's HUDLE®, uVote is the first global stand alone real time live audience sms based voting system or live audience sms polling system that eliminates the need for external operators and key pads by using SMS.

This SMS Voting System can be used for interactive audience polling, electronic voting and communications for an unlimited amount of users, anonymous Q&A during events and conferences, seamless SMS and MMS messaging, cost-effective market research and interactive sales force communications.

With Hudle you are able to send SMS messages effortlessly to the desired target group and receive SMS and MMS messages from attendees or participants at your conference.

How Hudle uVote Voting works

The SMS poll or voting is undertaken with the target group’s own mobile phones via SMS, so it is easy for participants to take part in the voting, helping to ensure a high answering percentage.

You are also able to display the live audience polling results in real-time on a chosen display device or publish them after the voting.

You are also able to keep several questions active simultaneously. You also have the possibility to vary how the questions are displayed in the screen and you are able to modify the visual outlook of the voting view with an easy-to-use layout tool.

You are also able to offer your customers an easy way to take part in the event as they can send questions and comments anonymously by a simple SMS during the event or presentation. 

Best of all? We don't even have to be at your conference to make it happen!

Case Study: Hudle uVote Live SMS Audience Polling System

ELORANTA OY, SKI trade fair Helsinki, Finland

Flyers about Rossignol’s demo tour were handed out to the stands of those skiing resorts which are the tours' promotion destinations.

The flyer guided the customer to vote for the best Rossignol ski brand from three different options. The customer voted by sending the preferred option by a SMS message to the given number. The participants had a chance to win product prizes. 650 flyers were handed out and 173 messages were sent to Hudle. The actual attention gained exceeded all the expectations, given that as much as 26% of the flyer recipients took part in the voting.

More information?

Please note that we are the sole Australasian rental and sales agents for BENEWAY OY of Finland's HUDLE internet audience response products.

So, for Hudle uVote SMS Polling System enquiries please call, send an email to info at or use our "Contact us" form.

You can view more details on the Hudle web site.