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Conference Microphone System Rental: Confidea Confidea Plixus 'T' Wired
2022 Parliament House Jobs Summit using our Confidea wired microphones
2022 Parliament House Jobs Summit using our Confidea wired microphones.

User-Friendly Wired Table-Top System

The Confidea Wired conference microphone & voting system is in our rental and sales stock and offers the same advanced conferencing features as its wireless twin, but is more economic for those who do not want to compromise on looks and functionality.

Compared to other wired desktop conferencing systems, Confidea Wired offers increased reliability with its built-in loop connection feature.

Installing becomes so much easier with auto-detecting bus connections: when plugging in the microphones cables, there is no need to worry about what is in or out.  The unit will adapt ... automatically ... conveniently.

User friendly

The OLED information display with auto dimming function instantly shows the selected language channel and headphone volume.

For ease of use, the ISO language code can be added to the channel number, so that the user instantly knows what language they have selected.

Branch or loop cabling

Wired Confidea microphone units are easily connected in a daisy chain branch network topology. However, for redundancy purposes, the branches can also be closed, creating loops.

In this way, should a cable be broken or disconnected, all units will continue to work.

Audience responses & voting

Confidea offers both simple 3-button, as well as extensive 5-button audience response voting functionality.

The voting functions include voting result display, reporting, etc..  Voting results can be displayed on a screen in the room, but in its simplest form can be shown on the unit’s OLED display only.  In fact in its simplest form and at no extra charge the chair of the meeting can, at the push of a voting button, start and stop polls with instant results showing on all units.

Confidea L-DD/L-CD

Wired discussion unit

Confidea WCAP G3

Wired delegate voting unit

Confidea L-CV

Wired chairman voting unit

Confidea L-DI/L-CI

Wired channel selector unit

Confidea L-DIV/L-CIV

Wired voting unit w/ channel selector


Confidea Wired discussion units were installed at Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB)

Confidea WCAP G3

Hybrid install at Bayt Mal Al Quods combines Confidea wired and wireless conference microphones ...

National Assembly of Cameroon

Parliamentary debates in Cameroon now using Confidea® Wired …

Department of Education in Iran

Confidea Wired installed at Department of Education in Tehran...

Council of State Ankara, Turkey

A mixed install of TCS5500, Confidea wired and Aladdin for the ..

Saudi Credit & Saving Bank, Saudi Arabia

Video conferencing room for 22 people, equipped with 3 cameras and double projection ..

Saudi Aramco Al-Midra Tower, Dahran

Al-Midra Complex is unique, dynamic, technologically advanced and ...

University of Ostrava

The Executive Meeting Room of Saudi Credit & Saving Bank has been equipped …

Library Kranj - Slovenia

Dat-Con installed a turnkey conference solution in this multi-purpose meeting room of the Kranj library ...

Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Baghdad

Rayanat Co., Televic's partner in Iraq has been installing Televic ...

European Commission HQ - Berlaymont Brussels

The Executive Meeting Room of Saudi Credit & Saving Bank has been equipped …

Unesco Paris

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