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: LA-123 90 Degree Helical Antenna

Listen Tour Guide Systems

Listen Technologies Tour Guide Systems / TourGuide Systems

Listen Technologies believes in experiencing every sound, whether it’s the carefully chosen words of a tour guide or the subtleties of expression emanating from an orchestra’s string section. Listen’s state-of-the-art wireless audio guide products are used for assistive listening, sound field, tour groups, language interpretation and conferencing applications.They are the ideal choice for corporate meeting rooms, schools, houses of worship, factories, entertainment facilities and government agencies. Talk to us today for all our Tour Guide products.

Listen technologies Tour Guide Systems | TourGuide Systems

The tour guide has a mic and tour guide participants clip a bodypack receiver with an adjustable volume control to their belt.The Listen Tour Guide technologies include customisable wireless audio guide headsets, earbuds or ear-speakers which can be provided to meet the needs of the group. With multiple simultaneous channels, many tours can take place within the same space at the same time — the tour group will only hear their own tour guide.

LA-123 90 Degree Helical Antenna

Price: $35.00

Listen Technologies LA-123 90° Helical Antenna

The LA-123 helical antenna is designed to mount on the rear BNC antenna connector of 72 MHz versions of our LT-800 transmitter, LR-100 receiver/amplifier, or LR-600 receiver/speaker. It can also be used to create a custom remote antenna, such as a wall plate mounted antenna. The LA-123 antenna is included with the LA-125 which allows the antenna to be placed in the front of the equipment rack.


One (1) LA-123 90° Helical Antenna (72MHz)


  • Mounts with BNC connector
  • Use with the LT-800-072 transmitter and the LR-100-072 receiver
  • Excellent coverage range – Up to 600 ft
  • Latching lid for secure transport