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DIGIMIC - Conference Mics / Microphones Systems

Televic - Confidea conference microphones at work at G20 in the Great Hall, Parliament House, Canberra. (More information on ... Confidea Wireless G3 Conference System products or Confidea Wired Table - Top Conference System products)

Digimic - Digital Conference Microphones

Here is the latest addition to our Confidea family of microphones   -   Confidea FLEX.
It is an art form, but we're the specialists!
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Digimic is a digitally controlled conference microphone management system which enables orderly discussion at any meeting. With the touch of a button thousands of microphones may be operated and controlled from a browser or with software, linked to cameras, interpreters, voting systems - you name it.

Simultaneous interpretation is the descriptor we use when a speaker delivers an address and our simultaneous interpreter repeats the words 'simultaneously' into another language. Usually this translating is done from an interpreter's booth and the translator or interpreter listens to the speaker via headsets and speaks into a special push-to-talk microphone which is then transmitted by very secure infra-red or radio frequency to the conference or presentation's delegates.

With the press of a button on the conference microphone base, your Digimic Conference System can easily be configured to enable: single or multiple delegate use at the same time, chairperson delegate override, delegate or automatic control and much, much more.

DIGIMIC® push to talk microphones and INFRACOM® simultaneous interpretation - APEC 2007 - President George Bush and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice - Bramshaw ICS contracted directly to The White House.

The Digimic Conference System can also be controlled by our unique Conference Microphone Control Software so that all conference microphones can be chairman controlled which enables a chairman to see who wishes to speak, in an orderly time based queue, how long a delegate has spoken, automatic and chairman cut-off and more !

As can be seen in the cartoon, Digimic Conference Microphones are installed in a simple single cable daisy chain (getting rid of the spaghetti wiring culture) and features an in-built sound reinforcing speaker which can eliminate the need for a seperate PA system.For the technically minded - at the press of a button you can take all the conference microphone outputs, send them to your mixer to mix with other sound inputs, videos, etc., EQ them all from within the confidea central unit that we call an Audio Engine, AE-R for short, with built in recording, and send them all back to the DIGIMIC mini speakers.   If you choose EQ on our AE-R controller you can lift the DIGIMIC sound level substantially.

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Confidea wired and wireless desk top push button conference microphones with voting, earphones & language selection - for sale and rent.
Confidea distinct conference mic stem head with red (live) & green (queued) illuminated heads - soon to be right across the range.
Confidea Plixus T wired or wireless G3 desk top push button conference mic base shown in active mode - for sale or rent.  Try before you buy?

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