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Everything you need for your conference and meeting communications

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Published: 12-Jun-2014

All new INFRACOM-IRX® Language Receiver - just style ...

INFRACOM-IRX® Language Receiver


The IRX Receiver has been designed to receive up to 32 channels within the standard frequency band. The use of a PLL-synthesizer (phase-locked-loop) guarantees high quality transmission and also high operation reliabilty. This generation of INFRACOM-IRX® receivers even allows use under direct solar radiation (the Sun) where normal reception would not be possible.

The IRX receiver is equipped with a 4 key control pad for volume and channel control. Volume level and channel number are displayed on a backlit LC-Display which also shows the system status or the system adjustments, i. e. the battery voltage, the IR field intensity and the shift operation mode.

Moving the receiver out of range of the infra-red field or disconnecting the headphones switches IRX into stand-by mode. This guarantees energy-saving. The ergonomic housing has an integrated fixing clip for clothing or straps. The IRX receiver can be upgraded with our unique INFRACOM-Guard anti-theft Module.

Technical Data


 The IRX receiver complies with international standards IEC914 and IEC61603-3 (standard operation).
Number of channels • depends on version: 12 or 32 Directional characteristic • 120° horizontal, 100° vertical Operation modes • Superhet receiver with PLL-Synthesizer • FM-Modulation Display • LC-Display (2 digits) for displaying channel number and volume level • backlighted Carrier frequencies • (55 - 1335)kHz in 40kHz steps Inter frequency • 455kHz Frequency range • (125 - 8000)Hz Distortion • < 2.0% Signal-to-noise ratio (S/N) • > 55dB Power Supply • (3.6 - 4.5)V • 3 x NiMH re-chargeable battery • 1.2V / 750mA/h or • 3 x battery 1.5V • type AAA each Time of operation • ca. 120 hours (non-chargable batteries) • ca. 75 hours (re-chargable batteries) Connector • Headphones (3.5mm jack-socket), impedance: (32 - 3000) Ohm Housing • Plastic, colour grey • H x W x D(150 x 50 x 25)mm Weight (inclusive of batteries) • 150g

Accessories (not included in delivery)

K10/16 Delegate headphone (3.5mm jack) K45/6 Delegate headphone (3.5mm jack) MG06/8 Stethoscopic head-phone (3.5mm jack) Batteries 1.5V, Type AAA Rechargeable batteries (accumulators) NiMh 1.2V/750 mA/h, Type AAA TK50 INFRACOM transport and storage tray for 50 INFRACOM receivers PSU-LTK50 Power supply for TK50 CIX1 INFRACOM GUARD controller N2 Guard loop cable. Options

IRXM - 32 channel receiver / with or without Guard theft alarm module IRX12 - 12 channel receiver / with or without Guard theft alarm module
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