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  • Get an audience response in a second!
  • Make your presentation more interactive!
  • Forget staying tethered to your PC - control your presentation from your QNA Xpress hand held unit!
    Forward, reverse, up, down, vote, end vote, display results - all from your teacher's hand held QNA tech device.
  • And you can use your QNA-Xpress teacher's built in laser pointer!

QNA XPRESS is an audience response system that enhances interactivity in conferences, lectures and presentations.
Q N A XPRESS allows you to receive instant feedback from users at any time.
By using the budget Q N A technology, you can display or present  prepared questions and allow students to key in their answers anonymously with their voting units and their responses are tallied automatically.

  • Provide a direct wireless connection between you and your audience. QNA tech is so easy to implement and use.
  • No need to wonder if students understand what you have taught
  • They can tell you with the click of a button

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Easy Steps in using QNA-XPRESS

Step 1: Create multimedia presentations with polling & quizzes with MS PowerPoint
Step 2: Teach, collect & assess your students
Step 3: Answer collection & auto-marking in examination mode
Step 4: Immediate report generation for systematic feedback

QNA-XpressQ N A


QNAXpress - an interactive audience response system for those on a budget

Applications :
Quizzes & Tests QNA Buzz-In
Student Examinations QN A Voting & Surveys
Corporate Training Q N A Marketing Events
Games & Contests    

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