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  • Get an audience response in a second!
  • Make your presentation more interactive!
  • Forget staying tethered to your PC - control your presentation from your QNA Xpress hand held unit!
    Forward, reverse, up, down, vote, end vote, display results - all from your teacher's hand held QNA tech device.
  • And you can use your QNA-Xpress teacher's built in laser pointer!

QNA XPRESS is an audience response system that enhances interactivity in conferences, lectures and presentations.
Q N A XPRESS allows you to receive instant feedback from users at any time.
By using the budget QNA tech nology, you can display or present  prepared questions and allow students to key in their answers anonymously with their voting units and their responses are tallied automatically.

  • Provide a direct wireless connection between you and your audience. QNA tech is so easy to implement and use.
  • No need to wonder if students understand what you have taught
  • They can tell you with the click of a button

QNA Xpress Technology Diagram | QNA Tech Questions Answered

Easy Steps in using QNA-XPRESS

Step 1: Create multimedia presentations with polling & quizzes with MS PowerPoint
Step 2: Teach, collect & assess your students
Step 3: Answer collection & auto-marking in examination mode
Step 4: Immediate report generation for systematic feedback

QNA-XpressQ N A


QNA Xpress - an interactive audience response system for those on a budget

Applications :
Quizzes & Tests QNA Buzz-In
Student Examinations QN A Voting & Surveys
Corporate Training Q N A Marketing Events
Games & Contests    

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