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Our Confidea push-to-talk microphones utilise all three of these products ...

Please note the Digimic push-to-talk microphone in front of each delegate and how each unit is wired to the next by a single daisy chained cable. In 'Auto mode' each delegate can speak whenever he or she chooses to by simply pressing a button on their microphone base.   As they speak not only is the 'halo' on the head of their Digimic glowing red but their voice comes out of the base of every other Digimic base. If 'priority mode' is selected the chairman can overide all delegates so that when he or she presses their button to speak all other active Digimic units cut out until the chair de-selects his own Digimic.

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Please note the Infracom infra-red language receivers lying on the conference table - the head of the table or Chair has just spoken into his microphone and elsewhere, in one of our interpreter booths, a simultaneous interpreter whilst listening in English has been interpreting into our laughing man's language via digital infra-red light transmitted to each infra-red language receiver.   Our friend has merely selected his language channel, put on his headphones, pressed his start button and started to listen, no matter what language his colleagues are speaking in, to them in his own language.   It's that easy!

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Please note the interaction between the presenter and his audience who are holding their Digivote-interact audience response keypads. The presenter is clearly not pleased with the response, but .... the main thing is he now knows what his delegates think about the subject and he can now change his speech to take this into account. His audience is also alive and involved because they have had a chance to interact with the speaker and voice their opinion. Everyone is interacting and learning.

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