Confidea Quad-Band Wireless Conference Room Microphone System - 3rd Generation

Confidea® wireless conference room microphone system - now the 3rd generation - features a powerful combination of technologies, developed by Televic engineers with years of experience in the development of highly reliable wireless conference systems.

This 3rd Generation Confidea wireless mic. system for conference rooms has been developed from the ground-up, building on the experience of the previous generations and making use of state-of-the-art Quad-Band wireless technologies, fault-tolerant error correcting protocols and advanced encryption algorithms.

With systems operational in over 60 countries, Confidea is the most robust and secure wireless conference room microphone system available on the market today.

Confidea Wireless Conference System used during work lunch European President Herman Van RompuySenator the Honorable Mathias Cormann Minister for Finance  using Confidea Wireless 3rd Generation Conference MicrophoneMs Lucy Turnbull AO using Confidea Wireless 3rd Generation Conference MicrophoneConfidea G3 with voting card

What's new in this 3rd generation?

In this short video, we'll take you through all new features and improvements that this new generation of wireless conference systems has to offer.

Confidea G3 wireles confernece microphones with voting card

Perfectly co-exists with your wireless LAN

RF bands available to the Confidea Wireless Conference System

Wireless networks and devices are omni-present in todays meeting rooms. Smartphones, tablets and laptops are essential tools that people want to continue to use during meetings ... and so is access to the network. 

Confidea's Quad-Band wireless confernece microphone solution offers many possible channels in the 2.4 GHz and 5GHz band. The wireless conference system will hence not deprive people from their access to the wireless network, so that they can continue to access the data that they need during the meeting.

Confidea Generation 3 offers the perfect solution that reassures your IT people and that offers the convenience of a reliable wireless conference system in your meeting room.

Controlling the system is like surfing the Web.

Confidea Wireless Microphone Conference System has built-in responsive web control

The Confidea Wireless Conference Access Point (WCAP+), the heart of the system, has built-in web control that can be accessed from any PC, MAC, laptop, table or smartphone using a standard (mobile) internet browser. Via the built-in web pages you are in full control of the system.

For basic discussion systems, this eliminates the need for specialised, dedicated software and software training.

Encryption guarantees confidentiality

Confidea Wireless Conference System has 128 bit encryption built in

The built-in AES encryption, combined with the proprietary communication protocol and access control, offers 3 layers of security and confidentiality at a level not seen in any product of this class.

Minimise your investment

Confidea DV/CV with integrated RFID card reader

Basic systems should require basic investment. This is why Confidea -in its simplest form- requires a minimum of hardware and software. For a basic discussion system with or without voting, the Confidea Wireless Conference Access Point+ (WCAP+) acts as a mini central unit, controllable from an internet browser and including balanced audio in- and outputs.

The units with voting come standard with a built-in RFID card reader offering an out-of-the-box solution for authentication and identification.

Multi-room: the most versatile system around!

8 things to check before going wireless by televic conference

With Confidea working outside the Wi-Fi band and having plenty of channels available, running multiple systems in one building is a piece of cake. Unlike some other Wi-Fi-based systems that are limited to a maximum of three systems in the building, in the ideal situation for Confidea there is no local wireless LAN at all!

8 things to check before going wireless

Before renting or buying a wireless conference system from Bramshaw here are several critical elements you should pay attention to:

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